Castell Leadership Program

Leadership development takes more than the boost of a conference. It takes career planning, commitment, training with interactive practice, reinforcement and an enhanced network. Castell Program delivers this in an impactful package for high-potential women in hospitality.

Career Planning

Every Castell Leadership Program participant is guided by executive coaches through construction of an individual career plan with specific goals and commitments.

Plans incorporate results of a recognized 360-evaluation assessment tool.

Training with Interactive Practice

Castell Program Workshop is a three-day intensive practicum building skills in communication and negotiation. The program was developed for Fortune 500 firms and is tailored for the specific strengths and challenges of women in the hospitality industry.

Bi-monthly on-line webinars reinforce Workshop content.


WILL – Women In Lodging Leadership Network – makes Castell Program particularly valuable for women leaders in hospitality and their employers.

Each member has access to on-line resources and the opportunity to participate in networking events. Relationships among high-potential women who are building careers in the hospitality industry are fostered through WILL.

Commitment with Reinforcement

Castell Program supports high-potential women as they execute their career plans.

Certified executive coaches work with each woman. Five-WILL teams move through the program together, hold each other accountable and form a resource network. They support each other in overcoming hurdles and tracking progress.

Castell Leadership Program Pricing

$3,400 program fee for the full year includes: individual career plan, 360-evaluation, 3-day workshop, executive coaching, Five-WILL team support, and membership in WILL.

Lodging and airfare are out-of-pocket expenses for participants.

All meals and materials during the workshop are included in the program fee.


Spring 2017 one-year program begins: April 17, 2017

Workshop: May 1-3, 2017 Atlanta, Georgia

To apply for the Castell Program, please submit the Champion's Nomination Form and the Application and Registration Form.